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BioEntry 300

Fingerprint Access Control

Suitable for child care centres, commercial and residential homes

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Control who enters your premises/offices/floors/areas using the security and convenience of fingerprint security.

Devices are wall mounted, IP65 rated, run on 12V power and activate an electric lock to release the door. A push button release can be installed inside to allow quick and simple exit. Alternatively a lever handle (with anti-panic release) could be installed to comply with building code. Please consult with your installer for more information.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) can also be installed to ensure your security is not compromised in the event of mains power failure.

The BioEntry 300 can be used in standalone or networked mode.

Standalone is used mostly for residential homes where timed access is not required. It also allows easy registration and deletion of people directly on the device.

Networked mode is for commercial applications where stricter control of access is needed. Staff are registered then allocated a specific time zone for entry. Audit trail logs can also be downloaded to the software for viewing. The device is cabled (cat5) to your network and pc for easy operation.

 Note: Please consult your electrician/installer for all installation questions.